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I write Harry Potter fanfiction stories about Tom Riddle. There are a couple of Dumbledore pieces too. If those kind of stories interest you, here's a list. Have at them!


The Albus Triad:

Himnusz | The fairy who judged his neighbors | These gyves on my hands set you free

The Prometheus Triptych:

1942: A Rhapsody in Riddle | Prometheus, Prometheus, I will not bind thee | I will always sing for you

The Minerva Quartet:

Thy Kingdom Come | I, Alastor | How do you like your blue-eyed boys? | O Gentle Faustus

The Judas Sextet

Lost Gods and Godlike Men | The Ballad of Judas Iscariot | Childe Harold's Tale | No Sense, No Shame | A Church Without Its Steeple | London Bridge Is Falling Down

The Black Tales
Azrael | A Goth too must love


Eldritch :

Eldritch - 1934 - Albus is the Wizarding World's sole beacon of hope as the shadow of Grindelwald draws near. Aberforth tries to be his brother's conscience. Tom Riddle sings for his supper.

Entscheidungsproblem - 1943 - In which Tom Riddle ends up in Bletchley Park. Alan Turing is working day and night to solve German Ciphers but still finds time to try and solve the Riddle. This is set during WWII, at Bletchley Park, which was the central code-breaking site in Britain. Alan Turing was one of the scientists who led the effort.


All the stories wound up connected. The rough partition is the events that happen in the Eldritch AU before Dumbledore's Time Travel mess-up and everything after.


Himnusz has been translated into Russian by the wonderful Olivin. She has placed the translated version here.


Friending Policy - Add me to your list if you'd like to!

Guess this is where I warn you I suck at lj and html. If you like to read stories without lj-quirks you can find them all at my account on Fanfiction.net.

Before I was eldritcher here, I was j_dav in the LoTR/Silm fandom for a short while. My adventures are collected here: http://j_dav.dreamwidth.org.

Fic: O Gentle Faustus (Minerva)

Title: O Gentle Faustus
Author: eldritcher
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8500
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Voldemort.
Summary: In which Minerva McGongall reads Faustus, casts a Cruciatus or two, and winds up in Inverness.
Warnings: Wartime, vulgar words.
Author's Notes: I apologise for the unwieldy, fragmented story-structure and for the first person.

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I saw that the 'reveals' at the Minerva Fest are done now. If you fancy seeing the list of people who wrote and drew, you can find it on the community.

Read, look, and if you like something, leave a comment to the artist as well as the moderator for their work in putting it there!

The experience was excellent for me as a writer. I am glad that I mustered enough daring to try my hand at writing for a 'fest' this year. I hope that I will one day know who left that enticing prompt that I couldn't resist.

Coming back to my experience, I found that there was sufficient time between when I decided on the prompt and when the deadline for submission was (1.5 months). I also found the moderator to be very responsive (within the same day) and this made my experience pleasant.

There is flexibility too. It happens to the best of us that something in life might come up and we might not make it in time for a deadline. So having a moderator who can be flexible enough to grant a few days of grace before submission of the story or art-piece makes a fan-fiction fest a less worrisome experience. I noticed that there were at least two weeks granted for stragglers.

There was some self-imposed worry and pressure on my part, since I had read the previous year's fest stories and felt a bit intimidated. Would I be able to produce something of such quality? However, my experience was more pleasant than I had anticipated. I did not find comments bemoaning my lack of knowledge about the Harry Potter world or about my writing skills, even though my knowledge of canon is sketchy and my writing was fragmented due to how this story turned out. The comments, on the other hand, were thought-out well, kind and pointed out to me parts that worked and the parts that were rough. This is such a sweet bonus! I have learned so many new things that would have taken me a long time to learn, about the way I write.

If you are interested, go over and take a look at what I wrote: O Gentle Faustus

It is unlikely that I will return for another year's fest. My interest in this fandom has waned considerably over the past few months. However, this fest was something I had on my fandom-bucket-list and I am very glad to have been a part of it. I thank squibstress, for I heard of the fest through her first. I also thank kellychambliss for being a great moderator.

I recommend the Minerva Fest if you wish to experience a low-pressure, highly pleasurable fest-experience. Please sign up for the next year and have fun!


Minerva fest

Drive-by post to link to the master list of stories and art here: Master-list

Minerva fest!

So Minerva_fest has started posting! Please go ahead and read all the wonderful stories that people have contributed.

I haven't started reading yet. I look forward to doing so once I finish my research paper in two weeks. However, I had read last year's offerings and had loved all of them.

I vacillated over signing up for the fest this year. After reading last year's entries, I was afraid that nothing I wrote would have half the quality. I went ahead and signed up, all the same. I am afraid I ended up writing something that probably made the prompter wince, but I mustered enough courage to send it to the fest-mistress. Now that part is done with, and I look forward to reading the other stories soon!

I am not very savvy on how links are done, but here is an attempt: Minerva Fest 2014 .

Also, there are art offerings! Treat yourself to visual pleasure. Go on! Here is one that I particularly liked: Enough . It is a feast for the eyes! I don't know how many hours went into it. It is so lovely!
Summary: The Albania story. Crouch, Scrimgeour and Moody want to hunt Voldemort down to his death. Voldemort, hiding in Albania, broken in both body and mind, is no match for them. Or is he?

[Written as Scrimgeour’s narration]

Warnings: Mind games

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In which Voldemort betrays knowledge of filthy Latin literature, Snape gets off on breath play and other assorted acts of debauchery, and it is all a lewd medley.

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Harry obsesses over a portrait and decides to take it on holiday with him to Swansea, to the little town of Mumbles by the sea.

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Summary: Circa 1979 - In which Walburga Black is playing a game she doesn't quite understand, Minerva McGonagall is a rare breed of woman, and Voldemort likes to read Gothic Poe stories.

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Summary - In which Tom Riddle ends up in Bletchley Park. Alan Turing is working day and night to solve German Ciphers but still finds time to try and solve the Riddle.

—notes— This is set during WWII, at Bletchley Park, which was the central code-breaking site in Britain. Alan Turing was one of the scientists who led the effort.

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